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She Had Dreams

Chapter 01

This is the story of Yvonne Barnes, an ambitious woman whose ambition was only rivaled by her thirst for success. She had a vision that she knew she would fulfill, regardless of the obstacles that stood in her way. Her dreams, desire and willingness to sacrifice to pursue her dreams made her an exceptional person. Though it was extremely challenging, she did not give up, nor give in to the many difficulties she faced. Where many individuals like her might have backed out or withdrawn from pursuing their goals, Yvonne Barnes knew better. When segregation and blatant prejudice were at their peak, a shorter-sighted person might have settled for only competing in the best Negro competitions. However, Yvonne’s vision of what she could accomplish was much keener than that. What set Yvonne apart, was her desire and determination to challenge and defeat the best professional female bowlers, regardless of their race. Among her many extraordinary dreams, the biggest one was to compete against the world’s best pro-bowlers.